To mark the 50th State Anniversary of Bangladesh 10 international artists from 10 nations formed a unique superband - "Artists4Desh" - featuring Ozzy Lino (Malta), Saraals (Spain), Inan Lima (Brazil), Alicja Chrząszcz (Poland), Konal (Bangladesh), Linda Linné (Sweden), Birjiwan & Bir Kirtan of (France/ Balearic Islands), Liane Evers (Ireland), Ninad (Bangladesh) - produced by Robert Bartha (Hungary/ Germany) who collaborated with international artists (José Carreras, Leona Lewis, Ghetto People, etc.) and wrote various chart hits.

The track “Through The Tiger’s Eye” proved a convincing success at an unofficial presentation in the Prime Minister’s office, and also on national radio stations, where it was positioned and celebrated as the “official hymn”. This danceable, heart-warming track is not just a modern pop song and a catchy record – more than that, it is a skilful blend of up-to-date chart repertoire with traditional Bengali sounds. The lyrics radiate optimism and a zest for life, qualities more important than ever in current times. If we see the world with the serenity and courage of the tiger, everything will be alright!